Do You Know What Your Husband Does For A Living?

These days of social media where some people are desperate to show off “questionable” riches, just to intimidate others and feel among, it takes a clean hand a d a clean heart for one to live a decent life.

Today every jobless Nigerian man is a businessman. Every Yahoo Yahoo boy is a businessman. Every 419 and drug dealer is a businessman. Every layabout, rogue, kidnapper and criminal is a businessman.

For every dubious person who doesn’t have an honest definition of what he does for a living; it’s easy to hide under the guise of doing business or he calls himself a businessman.

Let us take a look at these scenarios; they are real life stories of men who claimed they are businessmen and had beautiful wives they slept with every night but these women never knew what they did for a living. They all told their wives they were businessmen.

Act 1 Scene1
It was five days to Christmas and everyone was excited. John was super excited; he boasted to everyone he would be spending his Christmas in Dubai. He bought drinks for his friends and he even threw a loud party. His wife packed his bag for his trip to Dubai and everyone knew this Christmas would be different. Three days to Christmas, John got a call and after the call he told his wife he would be traveling to Ondo to a seal deal. His wife expected him to return the next day but he didn’t and all his phones were switched off. A day before Christmas, John’s corpse was splashed on the covers of all national newspapers and beside him was a Ghana must go bag. John was one of the armed robbers that were shot dead during a bank robbery in Ondo State. For John’s wife, that year’s Christmas was different.

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